Past tests

#1: The Durian

#2: Scandinavian Delight

#3: Cockta, Bawls, and Everything In Between
(a) – Cockta
(b) – Mong Lee Shang Pearl Soybean Drink With Tapioca Ball
(c) – Ace
(d) – Pony Malta
(e) – Abali Yogurt Soda
(f) – Carabao Energy Drink
(g) – Unidentifiable Brand Lychee Flavored Soda
(h) – Caravelle Mandarin Orange Float (With Sacs)
(i) – Yeo’s Soursop Juice Drink
(j) – Frank’s Kraut Juice
(k/l) – Drank/Bawls

#4: Kimbo Cooked Salt Duck Eggs and Maeda-En Green Tea Ice Cream

#5 (Preview): Black Boss