#10.1 Chorizo-Infused Gin Waterfall LIVE!

And then sometimes if you ask nicely we will bring the party to you.

Here’s the setup…

Here’s the pitch…

Here’s the swing…

It’s a home run!

That’s right, folks. Word about the Chorizo-Infused Gin spread like wildfire, and before you know it, there’s our resident Tasting Engineer standing before a room full of 12 of his closest friends, cackling like a madman as he watches them all gag and curse the very ground upon which they stand. Oh well, no one ever said being my friend was a mark of taste and distinction. And in case you were worried I wasn’t up to another measure of my own medicine…

Many special thanks to Richie for being kind enough to whip up another batch of this insanity, and a big shoutout to all my friends for being game enough to venture into the Valley of Death with me (those of you who came back for a second round should be ashamed of yourselves… you know who you are) and especially to Peter, who after knocking down a lightbulb full of one of the most vile horrors ever known to man, honest to goodness made this face:

Look up “unperturbed” in the dictionary and that, dear friends, is what you will see.

Until next time… watch your back. We could be right behind you.


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