…You gonna finish that?

Hi there, welcome to Oh Dear God Why Laboratories, where our motto is “Just Don’t Smell It First.”

Simple project: we eat (and drink) things for fun (and SCIENCE!). And, more often than we’d care to admit, to satisfy our morbid curiosity about what they might taste like. There are links above to things we’ve consumed in the past, and a page to suggest things we might try in the future, if you’re so inclined, as well as a page of other various and sundry places on the web that might make your palates tingle (or tremble in fear). Peruse them all at your leisure.

Postings will hopefully be weekly at the very least, but in the early going there will be technical, nuts and bolts issues that may throw the pacing off a bit. Follow along via RSS (highly recommended) or another blog aggregator of your choosing, or just stop back in every week or so and see what we’ve been up to. Your choice.

Happy eating. And remember, if your gag reflex starts to kick in, just think of these words:

“Greasy pork sandwich, dipped in hot whiskey.”

Always does the trick for us.

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